Our website includes a range of information on autism and related conditions. It's created with input from autistic people, their families, professionals and academics. It is regularly reviewed for accuracy.

Our community shapes our information

We look at what information other charities and organisations are sharing and identify gaps. We carry out consultations with the Autistica Insight Group to understand their information needs and in some cases to gather personal quotes to bring our information to life.

When we developed our website, we tested the design and layout with autistic and non autistic users to ensure that it is accessible to all.

We make sure our information is good quality

It's important that the information is not just relevant, but based on the very best evidence, practical, and easy to understand. To ensure this, we:

  • ask the Autistica Insight Group to read and feedback
  • get expert advice from health, education, and social care professionals
  • work with academics and use the latest medical and clinical evidence
  • review our information regularly

We're independent and transparent

Our website and information is independent. As a charity, we receive funding and sponsorship from various sources but they do not change or shape the information we share.

When we work with an academic or professional partner to create content, we name them on the page.

Do you have any feedback?

We welcome your thoughts on how we can improve the information on our site. If you have suggestions for new content that we should create, or think something isn't easy to understand, please let us know.

Contact our Director of External Affairs, Rebecca Sterry, on: rebecca.sterry@autistica.org.uk