Learning from autistic people's experiences is essential to create breakthroughs so autistic people can live happy, healthy and long lives.

We involve autistic people and their families at every stage of our work.

How we want you involved

You can help shape our work and get involved at many levels:

  1. Join the Autistica Network
    By joining the Autistica Network, you'll get email updates about the latest research news and opportunities. You can participate in surveys to influence research and get involved in studies around the UK.
  2. Join our Autistica Insight Group
    Autistica Network members can get even more involved by joining our Insight Group. When you apply, we’ll ask you to tell us what activities you may be interested in such as working with researchers to design studies or giving advice on policy campaigns.

How we pay

We believe that financial support is important to help more people get involved in research. When giving your time, we offer fees in line with the National Institute for Health Research’s INVOLVE guidelines.