We can't achieve our vision of a long, healthy, happy life for autistic people alone. We want to work in partnership with those who share our vision.

We are willing to work in partnership with autistic people, families, community organisations, research funders, charities, governments and industry if they can help contribute to our vision.

How we can work with you

We take an open-minded approach to working in partnership, but here are a few ways we could work together:

  • Involving autistic people and families in research
  • Joint design of research ideas
  • Events
  • Co-funding research
  • Policy development
  • Recruitment
  • Consultancy
  • Communications, dissemination and PR
  • Expert opinion

Deciding on partnerships

Partnerships should be in line with our vision, mission and values.

We will aid our decision-making process by reflecting the principles outlined in our policy, following a clear process and asking these questions:

  1. Is there evidence of community need?
  2. Are we confident the activity/science will be high quality and in line with Autistica’s mission and vision?
  3. Is it innovative and unique?
  4. If we don’t do it, will someone else? Are we needed?
  5. What are the risks?
  6. Can the partner communicate sensitively about autism?
  7. Are we confident that the activity is ethically sound and safe?
  8. Is partnering in this activity more impactful than other opportunities available to us?
  9. Does our involvement have wider impact beyond the project?
  10. Is there a financial case or appropriate compensation for supporting this project?