Read about our current work in our annual accounts and the reports we have written on specific areas of research.

Annual report

Our latest Annual Report shares our performance for the year, the progress we're making against our objectives and our aims for the future.

Autistica Annual Report 2020-21

Autistica Annual Report 2019-20

Autistica Annual Report 2018-19

Autistica Annual Report 2017-18

Research strategy

Our research strategy presents a plan for achieving this vision and transforming the unacceptable outcomes faced by autistic people through world-class research.

2017-2021 Research Strategy

Research and policy reports

Our reports and recommendations are based on the latest research. They cover community priorities and crucial issues affecting the lives of autistic people such as health, life expectancy and employment:

Our impact plan (2019)

A review of the autism research funding landscape (2019)

An Internship Programme for Autistic Graduates at Deutsche Bank, UK (2017)

Personal Tragedies, Public Crisis (2016)

Your Questions: Shaping the Future of Autism Research (2016)