Autistica network

Find out more about ASD-UK for Researchers

You can recruit research participants with the Autism Spectrum Database-UK (ASD-UK) 

ASD-UK aims to

  • Help researchers recruit families to studies about autism
  • Help families to take part in research that aims to answer important questions about autism
  • Collect data about children with autism spectrum conditions and their families

To recruit research participants via ASD-UK

  1. Submit all the necessary documents by completing this application form
  2. Be invited to speak to the research committee by phone and answer any questions they have from your submitted documentation
  3. If your application is accepted, pay a modest fee to cover the cost of Newcastle University staff contacting members of ASD-UK about your project
  4. Prospective participants will contact you about your study

I circulated a large international survey to parents of children with autism via the ASD-UK and Daslne databases. The process was both thorough, with examination by an independent ethics committee including stakeholder representatives, and straightforward. We received near to 300 responses to our survey

A researcher who recruited participants via ASD-UK