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Help researchers measure meltdowns

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What is the study about?

The researchers at the School of Psychology at University of Birmingham are developing a new questionnaire to measure emotional outbursts (also known as meltdowns) in children and young people. They want parents and caregivers to complete the questionnaire to check that it is designed correctly, and is accurately measuring emotional outbursts.

The questionnaire may provide more details about emotional outbursts, which may give us insight into what causes some individuals to have emotional outbursts, and help develop and test new intervention/support approaches.

Who can take part?

Parents and caregivers whose children are between 6 years old to 25 years old and have emotional outbursts at least once a month.

What will be involved?

The researchers will ask you to complete the online questionnaire, which asks about your child’s emotional outbursts. The focus of the questionnaire is on the different aspects of emotional outbursts, such as how often they occur, how long they last, and when and where they happen.

You can take part in this research online.