We work tirelessly through researching issues that matter most to autistic children, adults and families - such as anxiety, mental health and early diagnosis.

Help us reach more families who need support. You will be contributing to:

  • improve language & communication issues for autistic children
  • support research to improve mental health for all autistic people
  • help autistic people understand and manage anxiety
  • increase public understanding of issues facing autistic people
  • campaign for services that work to create happier lives for all autistic people

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My name is Paul, Emilia's dad. Autistica's research can really change things for kids like Emilia - but they need our support:

Their work is truly ground-breaking in many ways. Here's a list of their current projects, and a list of all the areas they are dedicating research to.

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Together we can achieve so much!

Autistica's research is working on ways to help children like Emilia to communicate. They are working on groundbreaking studies around anxiety and sensory issues which will transform lives for us and so many others.

Wishing you and your family all the best, and thanks for your support.

Paul, Emilia’s Dad

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