Delving into the mind: a series of talks on autism and neurodiversity

Join us in Birmingham for a series of talks about autism and the mind. Hear from senior academics, autistic and neurodiversity ambassadors, and businesses who are leading the way in research or championing those who see and interact with the world differently.

Venue: Deutsche Bank, Five Brindleyplace, Birmingham B1 2BL

Time:    6pm

25 October 2017 - Understanding mental health in autism

Affecting over 79% of people with autism in their lifetime, mental health is a top research priority for autistic people and their families. Hear from leading researcher Professor Chris Oliver talk about his work in mental health in autism and find out more about the ground-breaking research which is making a real difference to people’s lives. 

26 October 2017 - Faces of neurodiversity panel discussion

Hear from a diverse range of neurodiversity champions as they discuss the various challenges and rewards that seeing the world differently has brought to them and can bring to society.  

15th November - Closing the gap in autism and employment

In conjunction with Deutsche Bank, Autistica has run a programme of internships for autistic young graduates. Hear from one of the managers, an intern and Autistica's CEO about the impact the employment scheme has had on everyone involved and what other employers can do to make their workplace more inclusive.

16 November 2017 - What the future holds for autism research

Join researcher Dr Amanda Roestorf and Professor Mark Brosnan as they share what research is on the horizon to help autistic people from childhood right through to old age. How can we personalise support better? Does technology hold some of the answers?