AutisticaPlay is the games arm of Autistica. We work with the players and creators of games. Together, we can achieve change that matters to autistic people and their families, and become a more inclusive world.

Gaming helped my social skills a lot... otherwise I would not have spoken to anyone. It helped me connect to the real world.

Rebecca, autistic person who plays games

Fundraise for us!

1. Choose your platform to fundraise through streaming on: JustGiving or Tiltify

2. Check out these guides: JustGiving Toolkit or Tiltify Toolkit

3. Set your date, time and length – don’t forget to let us know about it

4. Promote and spread awareness for your fundraising event – don’t forget to use the hashtag #AutisticaPlay

5. Set up challenges and milestones to increase audience engagement and donations!

6. Thank your community! Thank your supporters and donators before, during and after your fundraiser!

7. Reach out if you need support – contact Jake on or @levelUpJake

8. You’re now ready to fundraise in support of Autistica! All that’s left to do is Stream, have fun and raise some vital money and awareness!

Did you know that ‘Just Chatting’ is the most popular genre on twitch right now! You don’t have to play games to fundraise through streaming!


Going for a marathon? remember to take breaks, hydrate and rest! Healthy fundraising – thank you for challenging yourself but make sure you take care of yourself first!

Some helpful links: (links to current research and media guide)

For the players

If you have ideas about how we could collaborate to raise vital awareness and funds for autism research, get in touch with Jake. You can check out our accounts on Tiltify and JustGiving Games.

Contact Jake

For the games industry

We know that many of your staff may be autistic. What if your next charity partner could help them feel more understood at work, drive employee engagement and be a catalyst for change

How to work with us

  • Charity of The Year schemes
  • Your chosen charity
  • Cause related marketing
  • Autism employment programme (DARE)
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Autism awareness talks
  • Challenge events
  • Bespoke activities and campaigns with a focus on games
  • Ambassador progammes

Download our Top Ten Game Changers for office and events

Want to make a social impact and create real change? Let's talk!

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For the support network

Games can mean more to those who play them than just a recreational hobby. Not everyone knows how valuable games can be as a medium for education, socialising, connectivity, experiences that would otherwise be inaccessible.

As the support network for the players, it's important to manage a healthy games experience while also acknowledging the benefits of games and what they mean to the players.

These below links take you to, a great resource for anyone who doesn't play games themselves but wants to learn more.

Ask about games homepage

Hear from other families how games connect them

Benefits of games

Have a question about games? Contact Jake today!

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At Autistica, we’re building happier, healthier lives for all autistic people. We do this by working with the autistic community to do research that matters to them.

Our AutisticaPlay aims are:

  • Improve support for autistic talent.
  • Increase understanding of autism.
  • Raise vital funds and awareness.

Download our Top Ten Game Changers for office and events

Want to make a social impact and create real change? Let's talk!