Gaming helped my social skills a lot... otherwise I would not have spoken to anyone. It helped me connect to the real world.

Rebecca, autistic person who plays games

At Autistica, we’re building happier, healthier lives for all autistic people. We do this by working with the autistic community to do research that matters to them.

Games are a big part of many autistic peoples' lives and can be far more than just a game. It can be a career, a safe space, a freedom, an expression, an escape, a friend, a community.

With our research, we help the world understand autism a bit better.

Together, we can achieve change that matters to autistic people and their families, and become a more inclusive world.

Or get in touch by tweeting Jake at @LevelUpJake

How we can work together:

  • Partnership Fundraising
  • Awareness events
  • In-game partnership
  • Autism employment programme (DARE)
  • Charity Streaming

We've got a lot more to say! Revisit this page for all future updates on our games industry projects.

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Jake Mackey


Jake is Autistica's new Games Partnerships Manager, joining us from the video games industry with a personal and professional passion for all things games related. His mission at Autistica is to help the games industry become more inclusive to neurodivergent people and to change the narrative around autism and games. Tweet him at @LevelUpJake.