Join our team of Little Helpers this Christmas. Reach out to friends & family to help us fundraise on Tiltify or JustGiving over the festive period.

Become a Little Helper!

If you have a personal reason for supporting our research, set up a livestream on JustGiving or Tiltify and help us raise money to push our research forward into 2020.

All Little Helpers will receive a Christmas card from the team at Autistica. Reach your fundraiser target and we'll send you an Autistica T-Shirt to say thanks!

Ways to get involved

Fundraise with Tiltify

Go straight to Little Helpers on Tiltify

What is Tiltify?

Tiltify is a fundraising platform designed specifically for streamers. Check out our simple guide.

  1. Head to our Tiltify account
  2. Click “Start Fundraising” (log in if you haven’t already or create a new Tiltify account)
  3. Click available event (Little Helpers) Note: if you would like to set up an independent campaign not linked to the event - start from step 5
  4. Select Campaign Type
  5. Create campaign name and URL
  6. Put start and end date of your campaign
  7. Choose your campaign goal (your fundraising goal)
  8. Complete registration Information (If applicable)
  9. Check summary to make sure all is correct
  10. Click “create campaign”
  11. Customise campaign with incentives, Milestones, etc. Want extra help with this, email
  12. Make sure you have confirmed your account before the next step
  13. When you are ready, click “Publish Campaign”
  14. Optional: go into profile and add bio, socials and anything else to make your Tiltify account all about you

Fundraise with JustGiving

Go straight to Little Helpers on JustGiving

Set up your own stream

JustGiving have some fantastic guides on how to set up a stream.

Connect your JustGiving page to your twitch stream using overlays. Connect to Twitch here.

Head to our Gaming.JustGiving page and create your fundraising event.

Need more info or support? Email Jake.

Donate to Autistica's Little Helpers

You can support our autism research with a gift this Christmas towards our Little Helpers campaign.


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The difference you can make

The more you raise, the more lives we can change.

£50 can...

  • pay for vital equipment to help autistic people participate in life-changing research
  • go towards our employment programme creating autism-friendly workplaces and sustainable employment for autistic people
  • help autistic women take part in research to improve services for eating disorders

£100 can...

  • go towards researchers finding appropriate strategies to prevent suicide in autistic people
  • fund a day’s research to understand how depression works in autism so we can find the best ways to treat it
  • help test a parent-led tool to help autistic children who speak few or no words communicate effectively for the first time

£250 can...

  • go towards a £500 brain scan to investigate brain differences in autistic people who struggle with mental health problems
  • help fund our work with The Alan Turing Institute and the autism community to make schools, workplaces and leisure facilities more accessible for autistic people
  • go towards supporting the next generation of future leaders in autism research