Our Discover Insight Group is made up of autistic adults, parents and carers of autistic people. They work with us and our researchers to improve the way we work. 

Insight group members help ensure that:

  • taking part in research is a positive experience for autistic people
  • assessments used in research studies are appropriate for autistic people
  • research focuses on what matters most to autistic people

Insight Group activities

Insight Group members help out by:

  • attending workshops or focus groups
  • monitoring ongoing research projects
  • responding to surveys and questionnaires

Members also provide advice to make sure:

  • research materials are autism-appropriate
  • public events are autism-friendly
  • websites, articles and blogposts are easy to understand

Insight Group members are offered training to help them feel confident with research methods. 

How can you get involved?

We launched the Discover Insight Group in November 2017 and have over 90 members. We are not currently looking for new Insight Group members. We will advertise for future opportunities via Discover.

If you are a researcher you can apply to get insight on your study.