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Our Autistica Insight Group is made up of around 250 autistic adults and parents or carers of autistic people. They work with us and our researchers to improve the way we work.

How the Insight Group differs from the Autistica Network

The Autistica Network is the UK's autism research network and we often promote different studies to members and gather participants to take part in a range of research.

The Insight Group is a smaller group that:

  • Gives feedback to researchers about how their research is put together, for example, the use of language, data collection methods and accessibility.
  • Allows researchers to get autistic engagement in their research at a much earlier stage, so that by the time they are collecting data their research is autism-friendly and consistent with autistic priorities.

What else can the Insight Group do?

As well as supporting researchers in the production of their research and other materials, the Insight Group can also work on projects like

  • Reviewing the language used in documents, applications, interviews or surveys to ensure it is accessible and autism-friendly
  • Reviewing applications or being part of judging panels to provide autistic input
  • Filming, photography or speaking at events
  • Participating in focus groups or workshops designed to get feedback on a project or an idea from the autism community
  • Speaking publicly at educational events or training sessions about their own experiences
  • Filling out surveys designed to gather community feedback or opinions

We ensure that Insight Group members are reimbursed for their time for any activities that they might take part in, consistent with the INVOLVE guidelines

Do you want to work with us and our Insight Group for several different projects, to create bespoke research-led training, or as part of a long term review? Contact us by email at