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INSAR Day One - Sue Fletcher-Watson + Day One review

James interviews psychologist Sue Fletcher-Watson from the University of Edinburgh about the advantages and disadvantages of using autism biomarkers, while Jon catches up with a fellow autistic attendee. 

Then, as Day One of INSAR comes to a close, Jon and Cos review their thoughts on the talks they've heard, the people they've met and the wide variety of themes touched upon throughout the day. Roll on Day Two...!  

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Day One of INSAR begins in the foyer before the start of the conference. Autistic reporters Cos and Jon give their first impressions of the event before hearing the first keynote speaker - Geraldine Dawson. Geraldine is based at Duke Center for Autism in the US and was previously the first Chief Science Officer for Autism Speaks.

After her keynote speech our Director of Science James Cusack and Cos catch Geraldine for a chat about her work in early diagnosis and intervention.

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Episode One

In this first episode, our Director of Science talks to presenters Cos and Jon ahead of their trip to the international research conference INSAR 2018 (International Society for Autism Research). They talk about why it's important to go INSAR as an autistic person, what they expect to experience and who they hope to speak to.

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