Get your friends, family and colleagues to dig deep so we can fund more life-changing research into autism. 

Don’t forget to tell people why you're supporting us – a personal story goes a long way.

Our Top 10 fundraising ideas. Get planning!

  1. AUCTION Ask friends and family to donate any unwanted gifts or furniture, grab a hammer and start the bidding
  2. BEAUTY SALON If beauty therapy’s your bag, offer neighbours, friends and family home visit manicures, facials and pedicures.
  3. CAKE BAKE Get your apron on and bake some yummy cakes to sell to friends, family and colleagues.
  4. DINNER PARTY Host a swanky charity dinner party and ask your guests to give a big tip.
  5. EATING Stop eating, no cheating! Get sponsored to give up your favourite food for a month.
  6. FANCY DRESS Have a fancy dress party or day at work and ask participants to donate.
  7. GAMING Give your thumbs a real workout. Complete a 24-hour gameathon and ask your buddies, online and IRL, to donate.
  8. HAIR Shave it, style it, dye it, grow it! Whether blue beard or mohican, the weirder you go, the more money you can raise.
  9. INDOOR SPORT Hold an indoor sports tournament and charge a fee. 
  10. KARAOKE CONTEST Ask your local pub to host and charge wannabe warblers.

For even more inspiration, read our fundraising guide (PDF).

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