The 2.6 Challenge is a new, unique way for charities across the UK to raise money for their work during the Coronavirus outbreak. You can get involved today for Autistica!

The event launched on Sunday 26 April - the day that would have been the London Marathon - and supporters are being asked to take part in an activity of their choice based around the numbers 2.6 or 26. The event may have launched in April but it's been such a success and we've loved hearing all your unique ideas that we thought why stop now?

Taking part couldn't be simpler, and this is an event for people of all ages and abilities:

  • run for 2.6miles every day for a week
  • name 26 train stations as fast as you can
  • bake 26 delicious cupcakes
  • do 26 star jumps without stopping
  • make 26 craft items to give to friends and family
  • juggle for 2.6 minutes
  • read 26 books

The list is endless and it's completely up to you to think of your own challenge!

The only requirement is that you must follow Government guidelines on exercise and social distancing.

There are just six simple steps to take:

  1. Think of a 2.6 Challenge you could do
  2. Tell all your friends and family about your challenge
  3. Ask all your friends and family to sponsor you by setting up your own Just Giving page or donating to Autistica directly through this page
  4. Take a photo or video of you doing your challenge
  5. Challenge your friends and family to do their own 2.6 Challenge
  6. Share your photo or video on social media (click here to tweet on Twitter)