Welcome to our stream fundraising page! Below you will find steps on how to fundraise through Tiltify or JustGiving with helpful links and guides. If you have never streamed before, our ambassador, Jade, has her top ten tips at the bottom of the page!

Fundraise and on Tiltify

Tiltify is a fundraising platform designed specifically for streamers!

  1. Head to our Tiltify account
  2. Click “Start Fundraising” (log in if you haven’t already or create a new Tiltify account)
  3. If available, click on one of our live campaigns or to set up an independent campaign not linked to the Autistica event - start from step 5
  4. Select Campaign Type
  5. Create campaign name and URL
  6. Put start and end date of your campaign
  7. Choose your campaign goal (your fundraising goal)
  8. Complete registration Information (If applicable)
  9. Check summary to make sure all is correct
  10. Click “create campaign”
  11. Customise campaign with incentives, Milestones, etc. Want extra help with this, email Berta
  12. Make sure you have confirmed your account before the next step
  13. When you are ready, click “Publish Campaign”.
  14. Optional: go into profile and add bio, socials and anything else to make your Tiltify account all about you

Click here more tips and tricks on Tiltify, broadcasting, integration and how to make your stream more engaging and interactive!

Fundraise on JustGiving

JustGiving is a fundraising platform, they have designed for individuals or groups who are streaming - usually using Twitch or Mixer.

  1. Set up your own stream
  2. Head to our JustGiving page and click "fundraise for us" to connect your stream to JustGiving so you can fundraise for us!
  3. Or connect your JustGiving page to your twitch stream using integrations from JustGiving. Connect to Twitch here.

JustGiving have some fantastic guides on how to set up a stream.

Past fundraising events: