Hello, my name is Antonia. My son Harry was just two when it was suggested to me that he had autism by my own brother. He would know, he had a son with autism too.

Harry was non-verbal until he went to a fantastic autism-specific school. The teachers there were brilliant at following all the latest research and trying different methods with each child.

He is in a mainstream college with support now, trying to get some basic qualifications. I know gaining employment can be a huge difficulty for autistic people.

Life as an adult for Harry is very difficult and has many challenges, so any help we can access is really important.

That’s why Autistica’s work is so vital.

I support Autistica with a monthly donation because I know they are tackling some of the key issues that children and young adults like my Harry will have to face in the future. They have so many studies looking at both childhood and adult autism, and they are working with employers to get more autistic people into workplaces where they can thrive.

As a supporter, Autistica send me regular updates from their research teams, so I can really see the impact my support is having on their work. I’m also now a Discover member which means Harry and I have the opportunity to take part in research that can really help to change lives!

Keep up the good work Autistica!

Antonia, Harry’s mum