Language and communication

  • Rebecca Wood: Facilitating inclusion through a strength-based model of communication support.
  • Catherine Crompton: “I never realised everybody felt as happy as I do when I am around autistic people”: autistic adults’ relationships with autistic and neurotypical friends and family.
  • Lucy Henry: The narrative coherence of witness transcripts in children on the autism spectrum.
  • Mark Gibson: How inner speech use and visual-spatial processing support goal-directed behaviour in autism.
  • Mélanie Gréaux: Speech and Language therapy for multi-lingual autistic children.
  • Thomas Cawthorne: Measuring and reporting emotional and behavioural problems in autistic children.
  • Qing (Ceci) Cai: The processing of laughter in autistic adults.
  • Samantha Holt: Connect: a computer-based early social skills intervention for autistic children attending special school.
  • Laura Hull: Does camouflaging affect how an autistic teenager is perceived by non-autistic people.