What is Autistica Play?

We set up Autistica Play to make progress for autistic people by working with game players and the games industry.

Autistica Play is how we connect with the video games industry and players. Through annual events, partnerships, and in-game activities we aim to raise vital funds and awareness for autism research.

How we work

We know that many autistic people play games to have fun, relax, connect with others and build skills.

We are working to raise awareness and drive progress for autistic people by:

  • Partnering with the games industry to make it more inclusive
  • Helping the games industry and players to understand autism
  • Raising vital funds for research that matters to autistic people
Find out more about Autistica and what your support can do.

How to get involved

Past fundraising events:

Designed for autistic diversity. Read about some of our Autistica Play ambassadors and Partners.

Together we can create a more inclusive games industry and make more of a difference for all autistic people. Contact our Corporate Partnerships Team today to explore a partnership with Autistica: