Join our community of committed supporters

The One in a Hundred Club is a community of people who share our vision of a world where every autistic person lives a happy, healthy, long life.

Members play a vital role in enabling the breakthroughs that make that vision a reality by providing funding so that we can carry out research, shape policy and work with autistic people to make more of a difference.

Membership is a minimum annual commitment of £1,000, which can be given as a single donation or as a regular gift of £84 per month. If your work place offers match-funding, you can set up regular giving through your work scheme.

To arrange this, please contact Yasmine Davies on

In return, members receive:

  • Insights into Autistica’s research and campaigns, with updates from a range of perspectives including our CEO, science team and researchers.
  • Invitations to exclusive events, including a group lab visit to see our work first-hand and opportunities to meet world-leading researchers.
  • Guaranteed tickets to the annual sell-out Discover Conference.
  • Quarterly updates, including video-diaries and information on talks, articles and podcasts that promote understanding of autism.

As you will appreciate, Autistica has a commitment to building long-term sustainable income to safeguard our vital work, therefore we are also offering members the opportunity to sign up to the One in a Hundred Club for three years and in return for your long-term commitment, in addition to the above exclusive benefits, you will also receive:

  • One free ticket to the annual Discover conference, which you can keep or gift to a friend.
  • An invite to a special reception hosted by our CEO to celebrate your impact.

To become a member for three years we request a gift of £1,000 per annum or to give a regular gift of £84 per month over three years.

If you would like to sign up for more than one year, please email Yasmine Davies at

Thank you, together we are building a world where every autistic person lives a happy, healthy, long life.