The Autistica Network brings together autistic people, families, professionals and researchers to do bigger and better research.

The Autistica Network aims to:

  • focus research on what matters to autistic people
  • involve the community in research
  • make it easier to take part in research
  • help researchers to make real progress

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The Autistica Network offers different things to different groups. Members are sent personalised updates and opportunities by email.

Autistic people and families

Your experiences are valuable! If you or somebody in your family is autistic even if you don't yet have a diagnosis you can join the Autistica Network. You will hear about new research and opportunities to take part. Share your views with researchers and shape the future of autism research.

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We want to support you to do bigger and better research! As an Autistica Discover member you will hear about funding opportunities, training and events. The Autistica Network can also help you find people to take part in research or work with you to involve autistic people and their families throughout your work.

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If you work with autistic people in education, health and social care settings, we want to help keep you up to date on the latest evidence and invite you to events! Hear about new research and opportunities to take part in research.

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None of these describe you?

If you don't have a personal or professional relationship to autism but are interested in hearing more about autism, research, campaigns and events we have a different mailing list for you.

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