We are pleased to welcome two apprentices to our Board of Trustees - Rebecca Nguyen and Elvira Doghem-Rashid. They will spend twelve months as Board observers, learning about charity governance and sharing their perspectives and views on the many issues discussed by the Trustees.

Our apprentices were specifically recruited via the national Board Apprentice programme to add to the diversity of our Board. We are constantly reviewing the membership of our Board to ensure that a broad range of experiences, skills and approaches are represented.

Our new recruits will be supported by the existing Trustees with a nominated mentor to support them as they learn.

At the end of their year's training, our apprentices will be in a position to join a Board as full Trustees/directors, either at Autistica or elsewhere. 

We aim to run the scheme annually to support autistic people to become Board ready, growing a cohort of trained autistic adults to increase diversity across the voluntary and corporate sectors.

Meet the apprentices