Autistica is committed to promoting and supporting open research and its practices of transparency, reproducibility and accessibility. One way we do this is through Association of Medical Charities (AMRC) Open Research, an online publishing platform managed by F1000 and available to all AMRC member charities, supporter organisations and the researchers they fund. The platform’s publication process ensures research outputs can be made available quickly, openly, and with no restrictive access costs. Accordingly, Autistica encourages publication through AMRC Open Research to improve the reach and potential impact of researchers’ work, from design to dissemination and beyond.

AMRC Open Research uses an open peer review process that instigates constructive dialogue between researchers and reviewers, with the resulting comments, feedback and responses published alongside articles. The platform also enables researchers to publish a broad range of research outputs, including research articles, protocols, data sets, negative/null results, methods, and presentation posters and slides. Sharing such research outputs can further scientific development and understanding and help to contribute to a transparent and reproducible research field.

Further information on open research and AMRC's platform can be found at: