Our clear and transparent process for funding research allows us to fund the best science and people.

Our role as a funder

We fund research in our priority areas which

  • improves outcomes that are important for the community
  • breaks new ground by focussing on new and under-focussed areas
  • supports the next generation of leaders in autism research
  • drives research by providing infrastructure to make it easier in the UK

Current grants available

Autistica and Epilepsy Research UK Fellowship

We have launched a fellowship award with Epilepsy Research UK.

Find out more & apply

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Our funding schemes

Improving outcomes, Changing lives 

An annual competitive call for research ideas on a theme based on a community priority. This year our call was on the topic of language and communication. 

Future leaders awards

This scheme aims to build a bigger and better future generation of scientists, by bridging the bottleneck in the career trajectory of scientists from leaving their PhD to becoming independent scientists.

Kick-starting research priority areas

Through our research network, Discover, we aim to bring together great minds at our collaborative workshops. We will then make strategic investments in game-changing research as well as giving research teams the funds they need to get an innovative new idea started.

Eligibility criteria

We currently only fund research in the UK.  

Peer review

We have a gold-standard peer review process for funding high-quality research demonstrated through our membership of the Association for Medical Research Charities. 

Our proposals are reviewed by autistic people and family members as well as scientists and clinicians. Our scientific review panel makes recommendations for funding to our Board of Trustees.