We are inviting autistic adults to apply for research funding of up to £12,500. 

We want to empower autistic people to lead their own research. This will help ensure research addresses the questions which are most important to autistic people. We have launched the Charles Sharland Grant Scheme for Autistic Researchers to help autistic people take their first step into autism research. 

We are asking autistic people to apply, outlining their research idea and preferred research host who will support them throughout the project.

Open for applications - 25 June

Funding available

Applicants can apply for up to £12,500. This can go towards:

  • Masters of research tuition fees
  • Research costs (direct costs only)
  • Salary costs

Preference will be given to applicants who have no, or minimal, previous research experience (e.g. those not holding or undertaking a masters or PhD).

How to apply and deadlines

Applicants will need to submit an expression of interest via this online form

On the form you will be asked to outline a research idea and identify preferred host researchers from this list

Please pay close attention to the guidance for applicants.

Deadline: Submit your expression of interest form no later than 11:59 PM local UK time on Monday 9 July 2018.

Next steps: We will review these forms and up to 10 people will go through to the next stage. We will let you know if you are successful or unsuccessful.

About this scheme

There are four stages to this grant scheme. We are currently in stage 2. 

  1. Researchers register an interest to host an autistic researcher. They need to show experience of involving autistic people and have a suitable research background (PhD and permanent academic position). This stage is now closed. Eligible researchers have been selected.
  2. Autistic people submit an expression of interest by 9 July. They outline a research idea and identify preferred host researchers. These applications are reviewed and up to 10 people are put through to the next stage.
  3. Autistic people and researchers are paired together and submit a joint application in August. 
  4. Up to 4 grants are awarded in the Autumn.

At each stage, applications will be reviewed by a group of autistic people and researchers.

This research is supported by businessman and autism philanthropist Charles Sharland.