What is Discover?

Discover is the first national network for autism research, connecting researchers with autistic people, families and professionals.

Our aims

Make a difference to people’s lives through research

Help researchers do bigger and better research

Cement the UK as a world leader in autism research

Join Discover to hear about the ways we are speeding up autism research and changing lives

Funding and collaboration opportunities

UK grant opportunities

Autistica’s new collaborative grants schemes and calls for proposals

our brand new future leaders award scheme

Resources and training

free training for the next generation of autism research leaders

support for early career researchers

help to meaningfully involve autistic people in research

Workshops and conferences

the UK’s first annual scientific conference on autism

workshops on top research priorities

Opportunities for autistic researchers

grants for autistic researchers

free training for autistic researchers

Campaigns and events

help Autistica influence government policy

take part in Autistica events

Research is the only way to change the future for autistic people and their families. 

By joining Discover, you pledge to speed up autism research and change lives by

  • involving more autistic people in research studies
  • focusing research on areas chosen by autistic people and their families
  • collaborating with other autism researchers on bigger and better studies
  • helping families and autistic people to understand how research affects them
  • calling for services to be evidence-based and effective
  • campaigning for better Government support

Are you autistic or a family member or carer?

Learn about research, have your say and get involved. See our community page and join Discover today.

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