COVID-19 notice

We are currently accepting applications for in-person opportunities. For in-person opportunities, please share information about the COVID-19 safety precautions you will implement with us so we can pass this information on to our Insight Group members.

Getting autism insight on your study at an early stage can make a big difference to your research and its impact.

We offer all researcher members of Autistica Network the opportunity to gain autism insight on their study from the Autistica Insight Group.

What is the Autistica Insight Group?

The Autistica Insight Group is a group of autistic adults, parents and carers who share their personal experience of autism with researchers in order to improve the research process. The Autistica Insight Group members are offered training to help them feel confident with scientific and research methodology.

How can they help your research?

Autistica Insight Group Members can get involved in activities such as:

  • attending workshops or focus groups
  • monitoring ongoing research projects
  • responding to surveys and questionnaires

Members can also provide advice to ensure that:

  • research materials are autism-appropriate
  • public events are autism-friendly
  • websites, articles and blogposts are easy to understand

How to apply

If you have any questions please contact Andrea at