We want long, healthy and happy lives for all autistic people and their families.

We’re supporting cutting edge research on autism and related conditions.

We work with autistic people to understand their priorities for research so that we can make a difference at every stage of their lives.

Research priorities

We’re supporting cutting edge research on the issues that matter most to autistic people.

Mental health and suicide

Over 70% of autistic people have had a mental health problem. We’re learning why anxiety and depression are so common and we’re finding treatments that work for autistic people

Physical health

As a group, autistic people experience poorer health and have a lower life expectancy than the general population. We’re testing whether annual health checks can help.

Language and communication

1 in 4 autistic children speak few or no words and this has a big impact on their life chances. We’re funding research to better understand language and communication in autism and to test innovative therapies.

Epilepsy and autism

Epilepsy is much more common in autistic people than in the general population leading to poor quality of life, physical health and mental health. We’re finding out why epilepsy is different in autism to better understand both conditions and find new treatments