As part of our goal to double the employment rate for autistic people, we are creating a gold standard measure of neuroinclusion for organisations. The NDEI®(Neurodiversity Employers Index) will enable organisations to measure themselves against best practice, with recommendations for improvement, and an annual awards programme.

Explaining the need for the project

Just 3 in 10 autistic people have a job and those in work often feel unsupported or under-employed at work. Both organisations and autistic people are missing out.

To make change, we need to be able to measure what we are trying to change. That's why we are creating the NDEI® (Neurodiversity Employers Index). The NDEI® is the only gold-standard evidence-based neuroinclusion tool that captures every stage of the employment journey, and both diversity & inclusion.

Other diversity and inclusion measures like this already exist for gender and ethnicity, but, until now, nothing exists for neurodiversity.

Our Index provides organisations with a clear roadmap for change.

The process

We are using robust scientific methodology to develop and test the Index. It is being co-developed with neurodivergent people and employers to ensure it addresses their needs and is practical and useful for organisations. The content is based on previous research with both groups.

April 2023: Pilot testing with neurodivergent and neurotypical people and organisations

September 2023: Validating the NDEI®

February 2024: Public launch of the NDEI®

How the NDEI® will work

The NDEI® will be online and available to any UK-based organisation with more than five employees. Organisations who want to participate can complete the NDEI® every year during the annual reporting period. The NDEI® will include questions on current workforce, policies & procedures.

When completed, organisations will receive a personalised report, a score and recommendations for improvements alongside resources to help make those changes. All organisations will be invited to be listed in the annual market report which will help them to attract neurodivergent talent.

How this project is making a difference

By providing organisations with the tools they need to measure and improve their neuroinclusion year after year, we can change processes and attitudes and get more neurodivergent people thriving at work.

We will also be using the NDEI to track common trends across organisations, which will help shape future research, policy, resources and campaigns.

How you can get involved

We are looking for organisations to take part in a survey and interview as part of the pilot for the Index. Register your interest in validating the index.