We know that autistic people and families need support right now. They need advice they can trust from people who understand. That's why we're developing three tips hubs, where people can access community tips and evidence-based resources. The hubs will be created by the autistic community for the autistic community, and backed by research evidence to ensure the information is of the highest quality to support autistic people and their families.

We're working with autistic people over the next year to develop an online hub for autistic people and their supporters.

Explaining the need for the hub

A lot of people are already sharing advice online in different places. It can be hard to know where to look for reliable and helpful information and avoid sites that are misleading or harmful. Online forums are rarely moderated, and many don’t include information that is independently verified or based on evidence. We believe that autistic people deserve access to the highest quality information that meets their everyday needs. That's why we are developing three tips hubs:

  • Everyday tips hub
  • Mental health tips hub
  • Professionals tips hub

Over the past year we have been planning our strategic Goals, to create practical solutions that address the priorities of the autistic community. One of those Goals is that by 2030 all autistic people will have proven support from day one. We are investing in research to improve support and services, but we know that we need solutions to support autistic people now. Our three tips hubs aim to provide practical tips and information to support autistic people and their families, from mental health challenges, every day tips and evidence-based guidance for professionals working with autistic people.

About the tips hubs

We are in the process of understanding what our community needs from the hubs and how they want to use them. But we do know that, like the Molehill Mountain app, the hubs will be online, free and accessible to everyone. It will allow autistic people and their supporters to ask questions, share tips or comments and engage with other people in the community. We also know that it will be managed by Autistica and our panel of experts to ensure that the advice given and the content are appropriate and safe.

The process

Right now we are trying to understand what autistic people and families need from the hubs. We are carrying out interviews with a range of people to help us develop the design. The next stage will be to gather tips from a wider group to test the hub, before we launch publicly. There are some important things to consider including data security, inclusive design and how the site will be managed. It is important that we have a system to manage the site so that the advice given is sensible and that everyone feels safe using the platform.

How this project is making a difference

We can provide immediate support for autistic people and families by creating a trusted place where they can go for advice. The tips hubs will provide a safe space for the community to ask questions, get responses from others with a similar experience and be part of a community that is heard, understood, and supported. Members of the hub will be able to quickly find and share a range of practical solutions and information to try to help with challenges they face.

How can I get involved?

If you are autistic, a family member or carer

Join the Autistica Network for updates about how and when you can get involved.

If you are a partner or funder
We are looking for a sponsor to help us build our tips hubs. This could be a tech partner who can support us pro-bono, or a funder to support development costs. Get in touch with fundraising@autistica.org.uk if you would like to know more.