Sometimes children and young people will receive a certificate to motivate and thank them for taking part. This page includes example certificates and advice for producing them.

Top 5 tips for a participation certificate:

  1. Say thanks. Make sure to thank your participant for taking part and don't simply give them a certificate confirming they took part.
  2. Personalise it. Personalise the certificate to the child or young person, using their name, if you're sending the certificate by post you could address it to them directly too.
  3. Make it specific. Ensure the certificate is specific to the research project they have taken part in. This means if they take part in multiple projects they will get new and different certificates to collect.
  4. Make it look engaging. Make sure the certificate looks exciting and rewarding, with pictures and colours, and clear language.
  5. Sign it. Include the name and affiliation of the researcher awarding the certificate.

Download example documents: