To make informed decisions around what research to fund, we need to understand the wider autism research landscape. We have produced a report which looks at recent funding (2013-2016) and identifies a number of groups and topics that need more attention in research.

We hope that researchers will read this review and start to address the gaps in research. As a charity we will work to ensure that researchers consider these gaps as well as the autism community's priorities. We will also do all we can to ensure that there are research opportunities for people across the UK via our Autistica Network.

Some funding facts

  • The amount of money invested in UK autism research has tripled
  • There has been a rise in investment in Treatments and Interventions research, Lifespan Issues and Biology.
  • There has been no research into support or social care for autistic adults – the community’s third highest priority.
  • 27% of UK research was spent on the top ten community priorities.
  • Just 3% of funding went towards projects recruiting older adults and 9% for adolescents - most funding went to studies with children and adults.
  • London and the North of England had the most opportunities for taking part in research.

What are we doing next?

In this report we have identified some underfunded groups. In March 2019 we will announce funding for researchers studying under-represented populations.