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Autism Research

Autistica’s mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of people with autism and their families, through funding and promoting ground-breaking medical research to improve understanding, and advance new therapies and interventions.

Autistica works in close partnership with individuals with autism and their families, so that research is focused on their most vital needs. It is through consultation with individuals with autism, parents and professionals that we have developed our new five year Research Strategy (2015-20), with a set of guiding principles and three key areas of research focus:

  1. Early Intervention, Early Diagnosis
  2. Mental Health in Autism
  3. Ageing with Autism

This is an exciting time in autism research and significant advances have been made in the last ten years. There is an urgent need to harness the strength and diversity of the UK research environment to benefit all those living with autism. Together we can make a real and lasting difference.

Promoting Developments in Research

Autistica realises the importance of supporting projects that provide the infrastructure to conduct autism research in the UK. These projects focus on providing data resources that are open to the research community, help families access information on research projects and encourage the next generation of scientists into autism research:

OnOne in a Hundred Reporte in a Hundred

Our research strategy was developed following a nationwide consultation with individuals with autism and their families in 2012. You can read about the findings from this consultation, which we published in our “One in a Hundred” report, here.

Taking Part

All of our research and publications are dependent on the families who generously give their time to take part. Please join them!