Covid-19 put life as we knew it on hold. For Autistica founder Dame Stephanie Shirley CH, it was an opportunity to gather together her favourite speeches into a book: So to Speak. She is kindly donating all proceeds from the book to Autistica.

Dame Stephanie – or 'Steve' as she likes to be known, is a workplace revolutionary and successful IT entrepreneur turned ardent philanthropist. She has given away nearly £68m to different projects, specifically IT and autism. Her late son Giles was autistic, and she founded Autistica in 2004 to progress understanding of the condition.

It was lockdown and with no time to find a publisher, she commissioned the London based Agency, Deep, to design something very special. The result is a beautiful golden hardback book which makes for an inspirational read.

Dame Stephanie Shirley CH with So to Speak.

Where to buy

You can order a signed copy of So To Speak if you donate a minimum of £25.00 on our website. Just email confirmation of your donation to Steve's assistant Lynn Hart with your name, address and any message.

Alternatively you can buy copies on Amazon, Waterstones and Hive, but full proceeds will not be given to Autistica.

We thank Steve for her generous and continued support of Autistica.