We’ve changed how we look and how we work so we can make more of a difference for more autistic people. Our new strategy and look keeps our diverse community at the centre of everything that we do.

We had planned to share our new direction in March, but the last few months have been difficult for us all. Instead we prioritised delivering the information our community needed. But now, we are keen to look forward. We are launching our new look at the same time as our Know More campaign which aims to raise urgent funds for autism research.

Our campaign film featuring members of the Autistica Insight group talking about their hopes for research.

Our new priorities

Our mission remains the same. We will still support research to give every autistic person the chance of a long, happy, healthy life. Because we know that research is the best way to improve understanding, find new ways to support people and change lives for the better.

But now we want to go further. With three new priorities, we’ll work with our community to have even greater impact.

We will make a difference…

  • today by empowering you with the latest evidence, knowledge and tools
  • tomorrow by increasing the impact of autism research
  • for everyone by listening to and showcasing our diverse communities

Our new look

It’s time our brand matched our new direction, our ambition and the diversity of our community. Since December, we’ve been working with a brand agency with input from autistic people, families, staff, trustees, and donors to develop a stronger, clearer look with a new logo, tagline, colour palette and photography.

Get in touch

Our new look and our priorities are the start of something that will change and grow. As always, we’re keen to hear your thoughts about our new direction. We’d also love to hear from any partners keen to work with us.

With your help we’ll know more and make more of a difference.