You can help us to make research happen. There are lots of ways you can raise money for us, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. We have a few ideas but we welcome your own! Whatever your interest there will be a fundraising idea for you.

Whatever you do, we'd love to hear from you.

How could I fundraise?

Ask for donations on your Birthday

Many people set up Facebook fundraisers and for donations for their birthdays. You can easily set up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook and share your story with friends and family. Maybe fundraise instead of presents, to make lasting change for all autistic people.

Create a fundraiser on Facebook

Get Arty

Sharpen your pencils, mix your paints and get together your craft materials, Get Arty is all about getting creative to raise funds for autism research. With more time being spent at home there's no better time to spend some time enjoying arts and crafts while raising money for Autistica. Create unique pieces of art for family and friends, make your own scented candles and sell them or host a virtual Pictionary night, all are simple and fun but can all easily be turned into a fundraiser.

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Host an online quiz

It’s time to focus and put your brain to the test! Put together your set of quiz questions and call your friends via video call to host your very own pub quiz! Set a time, get your snacks together, and take on the role of quizmaster. We’ve got a ready-made quiz to test your friends and family and see who is the general knowledge master! All participants need is a pen and paper … and their thinking caps. Read the question, give players a few seconds to answer and then ask them to hold their answer up to the screen. Charge an entry fee (suggested fee of £5) which can be made online via our website and prizes are of your own choice. Let the fun begin!

​Create your own fundraiser

Nearly anything can be turned into a fundraiser so whatever your talent or interest you'll be sure to have fun while raising money for autism research. Get in touch to let us know your ideas so we can support you throughout your fundraising.

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Tell us your idea

Whether you've got everything in place, or if you're only just starting to put ideas together, get in touch so we can support you every step of the way. | 0203 857 4340

What your fundraising means

Every donation big or small counts. Your fundraising is helping us to give every autistic person the chance of a long, happy, healthy life.

£20 can fund an hour of lab research

£150 can pay for a day of consultation with an autistic person on a project

£500 can pay for a vital brain scan at a crucial stage of research