The Know More campaign calls for urgent funding for autism research. We don't accept that autistic people may be left further behind after the pandemic. We need to know more about their experiences so that we can create the support and services they need.

Research conducted during the pandemic shows that autistic people have been impacted by the lockdown more than most, and many did not have the support they needed. They were disadvantaged before the pandemic and now they are at risk of falling even further behind.

It's time to Know More.

We are calling on Government, businesses and the public to commit to funding research into improving the lives of autistic people and their families.

We want a world with no more abuse and neglect. No more needs and rights unmet. No more talent wasted. No more lives lived in the margins.

Through research, we can know more about what works and what doesn't for autistic people. This is our chance to build back better so all autistic people can live longer, happier, healthier lives .

There will be longer term implications for those with learning difficulties who have developed new anxieties during lockdown or who have missed out on the support they require.

Frances, William's Mum

Emerging research and reports from the Autistica Insight Group suggest many autistic people have been particularly hard-hit by Coronavirus. Changes to routine, continuous uncertainty, and the loss of critical services and support networks have left many feeling isolated and abandoned. Many autistic people are reporting serious deterioration in their mental health with growing numbers self-harming and even considering suicide. Many are more worried about the next stage as lockdown eases, and will continue to self-isolate for months to come.

High profile deaths, abuse and neglect of autistic people have increased NHS and government focus on on autism in the past few years but the impact of Covid-19 on research threatens to set back years of progress and cause untold damage to the lives of millions.

It is urgent that we make research a priority and start to Know More about autism.