People often find out about research by seeing posters or flyers asking participants to take part in a study. This page has examples of posters and flyers that have been used to recruit participants into studies.

Top 5 tips for creating a recruitment flyer:

  1. State who can participate. Clearly state the details of those who can take part. Sometimes this can be made clearer using bullet points or a series of questions for participants to check if they are eligible.
  2. Make it visually appealing. Use few words and simple language. Avoid visual clutter.
  3. Check accessibility. Use a font that is easily readable and make it large enough to read. Use colour blind safe colours and ensure high contrast against the background.
  4. Print or digital? If you are making a flyer to print out and distribute, within the flyer include the text and any relevant links for participants to get more information or to sign up to take part. If you are making a flyer to post on social media or in an email campaign, do not include too much text or any links in an image file - instead place them in the main body of the social media post or the email so they can be clicked on.
  5. Include one call to action. Provide one clear action you want prospective participants to take, for example, to send an email to express interest, to complete an online expression of interest form or to take part in the online study.

Download example documents: