Autistica, with support from The Paul Foundation, will host a Summit to develop ideas for timely interventions for autistic children which utilise artificial intelligence (AI). 

We will bring together scientists with a specialism in autism research, artificial intelligence or early intervention along with members of the autism community and professionals who work with autistic people to share ideas and identify research priorities.

The process of the summit will be as follows:

  1. Apply to attend the summit
  2. Those who are selected based on their application will be invited to attend the summit (travel, catering and accommodation costs will be covered)
  3. Those who attend the summit will collaboratively develop ideas for research projects
  4. After the summit, teams of those who were in attendance, will be eligible to submit a brief outline of a research idea that was identified at the summit
  5. Based on this brief outline, two or these teams will be awarded a £5,000 pilot grant to pilot test their research idea
  6. In addition, subject to satisfactory outputs from the meeting, Autistica will be inviting world-class research grant applications for a value of up to £200,000 over two-to-four years that focus on the use of AI/data science in providing interventions for young autistic children. Only those in attendance at the summit will be eligible to be the Principle Investigator on applications for funding

Full details of the Call for Proposals will be advertised at or before the summit takes place.

If you are a researcher or autism professional and you would like to attend please submit an application before 17:00 on 06 September 2019. Members of the autism community who are members of our Insight Group will be invited to attend. 

Please share this event with anybody you think might be interested.