Join us in our ambition to double the employment rate of autistic people by 2030.

Whether you want to develop a neurodiversity strategy or find out how you can attract and retain neurodiverse talent, we can help you get started.


DARE (Discover Autism Research Employment) is a bespoke service that responds to the individual needs and position of each company in implementing a neurodiversity strategy. We conduct cutting-edge research which informs the support we give companies in recruiting and retaining neurodivergent talent.

DARE to think differently

Your company could be missing out on the value neurodiversity could bring. Creativity, attention to detail and the ability to resist “herd mentality” thinking are just a few autistic traits which could benefit your business.

Autistica DARE is a globally unique, award-winning and bespoke service. It aims to support businesses to:

  • Understand your existing workforce, analyse accessibility of current working and recruitment practices and help you make informed decisions and optimise policies through data-driven insights
  • Enhance organisational culture and understanding and upskill your workforce with the latest knowledge and expertise through expert employment training
  • Help you improve processes of talent identification and attract neurodiverse candidates through recruitment support
  • Support processes regarding neurodiversity and access to vetted providers including mentoring support through bespoke advice

Why employ autistic talent?

Many autistic people offer a unique set of skills

  • Excellent focus and distinctive logical abilities
  • Superior attention to detail
  • Intuitive recognition of patterns or errors in large data sets
  • Creativity and innovative problem solving
  • Loyalty and strong work ethics
  • Above-average levels of concentration

Next steps

Whether you want to develop a neurodiversity strategy or find out how DARE can help you attract and retain autistic talent, we can help you get started. To find out more, please contact us or visit the DARE website.