Our Autism Study Groups are a central part of the Autistica Network. Autism Study Groups focus on priority areas where there is a pressing need for more high-quality research.

The current Study Groups have been working together since 2018 to co-develop projects and achievements that are impactful for autistic people, their supporters and researchers.

Our Autism Study Groups:

  • bring autistic people, parents, researchers and professionals together
  • co-develop strategic initiatives to make it easier to do high-quality autism research
  • work on getting more research funding to focus on key community research priorities

Our four Autism Study Groups

The Autistica Study Groups focus on four priority areas as outlined by the autistic community.

Mental Health

The Mental Health Study Group is focused on projects that aim to improve the evidence about what interventions and supports work to help autistic people who struggle with their mental health. This group is also interested in finding out how evidence is used by people who design and work in mental health services.

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Complex Needs

The Complex Needs Study Group is working on increasing the amount and quality of research that includes people who have traditionally been excluded from autism research studies. For example, this includes autistic people who also have learning disabilities or those who have multiple co-occurring conditions.

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Physical Health and Ageing

The Physical Health and Ageing Study Group is working with organisations who fund research into certain physical health conditions (e.g., asthma and diabetes) to get more people doing research to understand how best to support autistic adults who also have physical health conditions.

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Language and Communication

The Language and Communication Study Group is focused on improving the quality of evidence used to make decisions about the strategies to use when supporting autistic young people to develop their language skills. A priority for this group is making sure autistic people's views and priorities into how research about language and communication is carried out.

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